Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet a Miracle Child

My husband and I have been raising funds for The Children's Miracle Network Torch Relay. Meet one of the kids that benefited from the generosity of good people just like you.

Sydney Thomas | Sydney Orlando, FL

Sydney was a very active toddler so when she became lethargic after fighting what her parents suspected was a common cold, they knew something was seriously wrong. As Sydney's condition continued to deteriorate, her parents took her to an after-hours emergency pediatric clinic where tests showed Sydney was dangerously close to falling into a diabetic coma. Don and Nicole were shocked to learn their daughter had juvenile diabetes.

Sydney's routine quickly changed to include daily blood tests and insulin injections. Searching for the best way to manage their daughter's condition, Sydney's parents took her to Shands Children's Hospital at the University of Florida where University of Florida physicians determined she was an excellent candidate for an insulin pump. This technology allows her parents to enter the number of carbohydrates Sydney eats each day into a wireless remote control. The pump continuously administers the proper amount of insulin.

Now Sydney is full of energy again, learning important things like ABC's and how to help check her own blood sugar. Meanwhile, University of Florida researchers continue to seek a cure for diabetes with the help of Children's Miracle Network.

What will you do to make sure that the next child is taken care of just like Sydney?

Please click here to donate.

Will you help me help children???

Hello to all!

At the end of this week, my husband and I are participating in a 5K walk to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. We are joining the Orlando World Center Marriott team since this is where my office is located. As a team, we are trying to raise a combined total of:


I know
that sounds like a ton but we are also trying to build a team of 100 people. That would be only $250 for each of us participating. This is a very realistic goal, with some help.

This is where my request comes in... will you help? We walk, you donate, kids in YOUR area benefit. That is right, the money raised in each area goes to children's hospitals in that area. What could be better? This money goes to help kids in your neighborhood, in your school, maybe even your family!

I will be posting more information on the walk and the wonderful cause that it supports as the week goes on. If you have heard enough and would like to help us beat our pledge, please Click here to donate.

Whether you donate or not, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Advice for the bad days...

Was just given a phrase to remind me of my goals...

I know that Kate Moss was given a lot of heat for this statement but when you are in week 2 of a diet, have hit a wall, and the world is overflowing with leftover Halloween candy, it is what you need to hear. All of a sudden that chocolate in front of me didn't seem nearly as appealing as the look on my husband's face as he compared me with a photo from a year ago (20 pounds heavier!).

I want to see the look in his eyes when I reach my goal and saunter through the house in my wedding dress!

Hello water. You look yummy!!!